What happens when you hear Greta Thunberg demand "How dare you?"

She says " come to young people for hope. How dare you?" What rises in me is panic. And swelling grief. Because I know she is speaking truth. No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does remembering to practice self-awareness during times of strong emotions support your optimal health? Greta's impassioned plea to the UN General Assembly is one I need to hear not only because she speaks my truth, but precisely because it makes me so incredibly uncomfortable. As inconvenient truths often do. She is delivering a difficult message to a world in denial, and her words resonate with me as truth. It is a painful message and it is truth. I don't want to hear it and it is truth.

How do you gently release pressure so your life doesn't explode?

There are days, weeks, months sometimes when everything in my life seems to be moving, shifting, changing... just when I think I'm at capacity, I'm challenged with something new. No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does remembering to turn towards things you know and trust when you are about to explode support your optimal health? Lives full to bursting can look like different things to different people. An important work initiative hits a roadblock and needs a complete re-haul. And then a key employee takes another position and your largest stakeholder is grumbling... The grant application is due tomorrow night at midnight and there are still major questions that need to be a

What is your next step when you want to turn back or quit?

Like me, you may have had the experience of starting on a journey, knowing you were moving towards something important, but not in a million years realizing how steep the climb was going to be... No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does remembering that occasionally stepping off the path supports your optimal health? Some journeys feel like meandering along a winding path. Easy, pleasant, relaxing. Other journeys feel like an occasional out-of-breath moment, combined with a gentle rolling path the rest of the time. And then there are the other journeys.... the ones that are unanticipated, unwelcome, and so strenuous that given an option, I would turn around every step of the w

How do you balance opening, walking through and closing?

To me, opening doors feels healthy... doors to new ideas, new projects, new ways of doing things, new trips, new conversations, new opportunities. No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does remembering to balance opening, walking through and closing support your optimal health? There are endless doors to open and looking for them can be alluring. Which new online class can I take to deepen my meditation practice? Which new book by Sounds True speaks to me right now? And while I'm looking, which pilates reformer class might I try? Oh yes, and ShopZuri has new patterns for their kitenge cloth dresses.... hmmm. Which is most creative? Mushrooms? or Fish? Or perhaps birds? You



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