How can turning down the volume help me hear what matters?

There are so many important things to hear right now. If I let the cacophony fill my brain, I can be easily distracted from what really matters. For me, cacophony sounds like a zillion tabs open on my computer, all calling "Read me! I am the most interesting!" And it sounds like the never-ending options for philanthropic contributions, all calling "Please donate here! I am the most compelling way for you to invest in your community!" And it also sounds like the Zoom coffees being scheduled and then rescheduled, the stacks of books calling to me at night when I am tired, the last 20 weeks of The New Yorker (patiently waiting)... the bills, the overdue car maintenance, the medical appointm

How does discomfort support capacity for growth?  

As I navigated my way through this past week, I noticed familiar, itchy feelings settling around me like a nebulous vapor - stretchy discomfort, lack of clarity and overwhelm. I welcome them, despite their uncomfortable nature, because I recognize them as powerful fuel for growth. "Growing pains" are real. I remember how uncomfortable my legs were when I was ten years old and my legs were growing quickly. Then my body adjusted to the growth and my legs didn't cramp anymore. The discomfort was a physical sign that something important was happening. That was then. Now my growing pains often appear in the form of overwhelm and stretchy, nondescript discomfort. When I am not paying attention

What does it mean to be complicit? 

After the spark set off the initial explosion in Minneapolis this past week, stress hormones kicked in and the community accomplished more than most of us thought possible - sweeping up shattered glass, taking plywood back off of windows, and raising money to help uninsured businesses reopen. And while, as in my own life, it is easier to work with the tangible, the really heavy lift for healing work is the intangible... It is way easier for me to shop for diapers to drop off at the food shelf than it is for me to own my complicity in systemic racism. I can check the diapers off of my to-do list (tangible), but owning complicity (intangible) is a much heavier lift. Yet owning my complicity,

Why sit with remorse and empathy in the face of trauma? 

This has been a week of deep sadness and anger as collective trauma has erupted throughout our cities. And I have been watching reactions and responses, starting with my own. Responses to the murder of another unarmed Black man. Reactions to the violence and looting. It is a human impulse to deny, deflect and minimize as a strategy to move away from the itchy, deeply uncomfortable feelings that come up and boil over when trauma is spoken out loud. "He must have done something wrong, people don't get wrestled to the ground for nothing." "I understand being angry, but looting? C'mon. That is going too far." "There are outside insurgents burning down our buildings... these aren't "our" peop



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