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Organizational Leadership Coaching

Focused Support for

Navigating Workplace Dynamics

Build supportive community within your organization through times of disruptive change

Productive and healthy communication, team engagement, and successfully working through conflict are essential components for building the trust necessary for the smooth and effective functioning of organizations.


I work with leadership and employees to build a supportive community within your organization through times of disruptive change, including leadership transitions, challenging employee layoffs, merging cultures following a buyout, or changes in organizational strategic direction. An aligned team and organization builds capacity for success in the marketplace.

Stang-up Meeting

How Organizational Coaching Works

I work with you to evaluate and then build employee engagement, increase your staff’s emotional agility, and strengthen communication skills across teams through:

  • One-on-one coaching with leadership and/or staff

  • Conversation Circles to explore conflict or challenging topics for: 

    • Senior teams 

    • Management teams 

    • Cross-functional teams 

Why Align Whole Health Coaching?

"There was a joy in getting to know my colleagues at a much deeper level than before. From an organizational and professional standpoint, that transparency helped us problem-solve in a fraction of the time; that helped me as a leader know who on my team might like to take on new and different projects, and conversely, who not to choose because it simply wouldn't align with their values.


That made everything -- from major initiatives to small, everyday tasks -- so much easier and enjoyable, for everyone!"

- N.B.

I create space for leadership and staff to identify, in safety and confidentiality, what is not working. Too little transparency? Not enough trust? Unexpressed conflict? Fear of having authentic conversation? Little accountability?  Then, we move forward with individual coaching and Conversation Circles to gently shift individual and organizational awareness, focused on strength building. 


I provide warm, dedicated, confidential, HIPAA-compliant, virtual coaching for individual employees, including senior leadership. I actively collaborate with my clients to identify barriers to growth, and then incorporate strength-based solutions, including emotional resilience.


Conversation Circles are virtual closed group exercises designed to address organizational “triggers” in a way that invites safe, authentic participation with a goal of helping everyone hear and feel heard. Unlike most employee “consultant exercises,” Conversation Circles focus on process and your employees will feel outcomes almost immediately. 

Image by Chris Montgomery

Getting Started

My goal in working with you and your organization is to help you create a strong, agile, supportive community, even in the midst of disruptive changes. If you believe organizational coaching is the right fit for your team, I want to learn more about your unique challenges. 


During the consultation, we will discuss your concerns, how and when you would like to invite participation and determine if my coaching program is an appropriate path. If so, we will work together to develop a strategy to support the engagement and effectiveness of your team.

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