What holds you back from recalibrating, re-evaluating and re-establishing yourself?

Jon Hamm is newly out of rehab and is re-establishing his life. In a recent interview with New York Time's writer Jim Windolf, Hamm describes his recent life as a Tilt-a-Whirl, going 9,000 miles an hour.

"If you think about navigation, you're trying to stare at a fixed point. When you navigate to something that's whirling, it's difficult. It's all a learning experience. It's all about growing older and getting better at living."

Yes, navigating around something that is whirling is difficult. And it's also real life for many of us, not just famous actors.

Relationships, finances, transitions, busy careers, new babies, complex parenting issues --- many, many things can set our lives whirling, and navigation can be very difficult.

Fortunately, we don't have to let those things run the show. We can choose to "recalibrate, re-evaluate and re-establish" ourselves. It takes courage to take a hard look at our lives, as Hamm is doing, but the possibility is there, holding out its hand to us. Every single day.

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