What are you choosing to put into your frame?

Dag Hammarskjold said "We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny, but what we put into it is ours."

What a hopeful, resilient thing to remember. And how potentially overwhelming...

We can go with what is handed to us. OR we can make conscious choices, no matter where we are on life's journey

We don't choose our parents (or at least we usually don't remember doing that) and for many of us, our childhood is long gone. Yet for those in their 20's, life's choices and responsibilities start to open - what kind of food to buy to nourish their bodies, what kind of career they will pursue to nourish their souls and do good in the world, how they will choose to balance all the elements that nurture health and wellbeing.

These may seem like easy or even luxurious choices on the surface, particularly for those of us looking back, but I assure you they are not.

And on and on it goes, until we breathe our last breath.

We have the choice, every single day, to fill our frames with conscious, empowering, loving, life-giving choices.

Or not.

This is your one life. Don't waste even a minute of it. What do you choose to put into your frame?

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