Wellbeing Bucket List - Dancing in the Mountains with Britt

I met Britt Pernille Froholm a number of years ago when she played her fiddle at Nisswa-Stammen Scandinavian Folk Music Festival in northern Minnesota. Nisswa-Stammen includes many talented musicians who parade through the town in traditional bunad, playing their instruments, to open the festival.

But Britt is one of my favorites. Her new album reminds me of a memory of wellbeing.

During the weekend of Nisswa-Stammen, Britt held a workshop for hardanger fiddle players in a lovely home tucked into the woods. She graciously made room for me to sit with them, even though I don't play. They, fiddling away. Me, sitting in the sunshine with my eyes closed, absorbing my heritage and the sounds of the mountains through every molecule of my being.

Ah... wellbeing. I can sit with that memory and feel the stress melt away and the warmth of the afternoon envelope me.

The memory awakens my desire to dance in the mountains of Norway, with Britt. That makes my Wellbeing Bucket list. Fact.

Today, for my health and wellbeing, I will take a baby step towards making this dream a reality.

What's on your Wellbeing Bucket List? And what is your baby step towards making your dreams reality?

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