The universe whispers to me when I am overwhelmed

I don't particularly like being overwhelmed - it feels like ocean waves rolling over my head, one on top of the other, before I even have a chance to breathe through the last one.

My head spins, I start breathing faster and move as fast as I can away from the source of the discomfort. Too many things on my to-do list? I can always find a reason to shop online, to distance myself from the itchy discomfort of what is really calling for my attention.

Or I am paralyzed and shut down. I sleep. I pull away. I know that heart-thumping thud of my heart closing down.

When I am running away or shutting down, I don't hear very well, especially something as subtle as a whisper.

Pausing in stillness, to hear the universe whispering to me, is the last thing I think to do when I am overwhelmed.

But when I provide myself with spaciousness and listen with an open heart, the answers appear.

Untangle this part of the overwhelm by taking baby steps in one direction, take a walk in nature to untangle another small knot, sit in meditation to loosen another.

Ah.... that feels better.

The direction becomes clearer, the waves slow down to a manageable level, and the itch to run or shut down subsides.

The universe is always whispering, it is up to me to take the time to listen.

Listening to the universe whisper is slow, healing medicine.

#natureheals #resiliance

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