"Please help me - I'm drowning..."

Life for many of us is complex and not something that we can do, with ease, on our own.

I often hear this plea from my clients, "Please help me - I'm drowning..."

No matter where you are stuck, how does asking for help support your optimal health?

Drowning in overwhelm,

Drowning in grief,

Drowning in betrayal,

Drowning in the responsibilities of their profession,

Drowning in not knowing which way to go next,


Drowning in too much of everything...

As we lose our oxygen, it is natural to lose our resilience and creativity - our ability to imagine alternative outcomes. Our worlds get smaller and we start to sink.

Hearing the call of our inner knowing and then reaching out for help allows us to see the bigger landscape. It gives us mental room to create alternative pathways to an infinite number of points on the intentions horizon. It gives us a chance to pause and feel a sense of hope...

It gives us a chance to come up from the deep for air.

And that feels healthy.

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