Who is the boss around here, anyway?

Sometimes, we feel obligated to do all sorts of things because of others.

Yes, making dinner or walking the dog are obligations we do, with either the implicit or explicit agreement of others in our household or community. Taking our turn cleaning out the garage or the basement might, grudgingly, also fall into the obligation-for-the-greater-good category.

Kind of like cleaning out the cat litter. Not my favorite, but I do it because it makes my cats happy.

No matter where you are stuck, how does owning the fact that you are the boss of you support your optimal health?

But seriously...

Who is obligating you to go, day in and day out, to the job you hate and have hated for the past three years?

Who is obligating you to NOT do the hard work of digging down to identify the behavior patterns you repeat over and over again, but that no longer serve you?

Who is obligating you to NOT create a plan to ensure that you are thriving in your one "wild and precious life"?

Hey! Who is the boss around here, anyway?

Create space in your day to dream (turn off your phone or computer and you'll find plenty of time), create a plan, work with a supportive professional and then get going.

You are the boss of you. Own it. Time is ticking and you don't have a moment to lose.

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