How does being "fully engaged" feel?

The other night, after a very full week, I stopped to catch my breath and take the "temperature" on my activity level. Yes, I am busy and in our culture, busy is often lauded as a measure of being successful.

But for me, "busy" is not the right measure.

The right measure is "How engaged am I in the activities I am choosing to do?"

No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does being fully engaged support your optimal health?

How am I feeling right now about the activity level in my life? It was a three-bears-moment with three potential options:

#1 Option: "Not full enough of the things that make me feel alive..."

#2 Option: "Too full of things that make me feel alive..."

#3 Option "Or just right - filled with activities that make me feel alive, with enough time to also rest and take care of myself."

My pot is bubbling over the top this week, so I realize that I own Option #2. I'm going to turn down the heat, just a bit, to see how that feels.

We all make choices, every day.

Remembering to pay attention to the balance between not engaged enough, engaged too much, and engaged just right matters. Notice the choices you make about to what and to whom you give your time.

And how does that feel?

Make allocating your time wisely towards activities that fully engage you (not too much, not too little, but just right) a healthy habit.

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