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At the most difficult moment of my life, Ricka helped me both care for myself and get unstuck. She helped me open new beautiful doors to a new beautiful life. 


I never could have imagined how working with a coach could make such a difference in my life. I progressed more in a few simple coaching sessions with Ricka than I did in years of counseling.


Ricka helped me to learn to see my needs and find my voice in meeting these needs. This has led to such a growth in knowing who I am and how to find joy and happiness in my life.


I worked with Ricka to learn how to decrease stress and take care of myself. I was not taking care of myself and felt stressed out, tired, crabby and unhealthy and that carried over into my family life. Ricka helped me learn techniques to manage my stress at work to get that good feeling back.


I worked with Ricka to get direction with a personal situation that I had no idea how to make work.  She said she would walk with me and helped me sort out feelings I wanted to keep and let go of the ones I did not want.  Ricka’s kindness was inviting and her wisdom was spot on.


The word coaching sounds like a partnership, unlike therapy--that sounds like something you don’t want to do…


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