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Who I Help

Are you navigating complex challenges at work or at home?

I provide strength based HIPAA protected coaching for leaders and their family members .


Executives &
Senior Leaders

As a leader, you are expected to address challenges in the workplace.  You do it at home, as well. Count on me when you are stuck and need a confidential thought partner to unwind the complex issues.

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Physician Executives & Healthcare Leaders

You are responsible for efficient, forward leaning, big picture thinking. When you're stuck in the mud at work or at home, turn to me for trustworthy thought partnership so you can refocus on what matters most.

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Physician Moms

As a physician mom, you are dedicated to your profession, as well as to your family life.  But how about space for you?  Use our sessions as dedicated self care, untangle the messiness and find your way forward.  


Spouses of Senior Leaders

In need of a trusted place to speak openly to someone outside of your inner circle? I’m here to help you unwind the complexities so that you can get back to being yourself.


Young Adult Children of Executives

I supplement your active parenting with weekly or biweekly sessions as your young adult learns to discover their own voice and take responsibility for their path forward.

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Organizational Leadership Coaching

I help create strong, agile, resilient workplace communities, even in the midst of disruptive changes.

Referring Physicians

Help your patients achieve stronger outcomes through integrative health coaching.


Contact Me

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