Services Overview

I support adults, college age on up, who find themselves in chronic, confusing, complex situations and who are ready to make a change but don’t know where to start.  I offer both individual and group coaching, leadership team coaching within organizations, onsite employee coaching, and interactive presentations with groups.


I am also a certified Restorative Justice Circle Keeper for organizations who work with individuals and families who have experienced complex trauma.


Payment:  My services are not covered by insurance; you are responsible for payment at the time of service.  I do accept payment from Health Savings Accounts and it is up to you to clarify your individual policies’ coverage for health coaching before our first session.


Privacy and Confidentiality:  Your records and all transactions with me are confidential and HIPPA protected, unless release of these records is authorized in writing by you or otherwise required by law. 


Individual Coaching 

Individual one-hour coaching sessions take place in my comfortable, private office, by phone, or over Skype, with the focus determined by you, rather than predetermined by me.  Positive, transformational change happens during and between sessions, propelling you forward through the re-alignment of values and beliefs with behaviors.


Clients define overarching goals, which can be highly specific or can vary as sessions evolve and then focused on action steps to reach those goals.


Individual coaching is highly-personalized, confidential self-care.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is very powerful and is shared self-care. 


Group coaching sessions are intimate, confidential conversations between a small group who learn from one another around key issues.  As an individual member, you will have the opportunity to deepen your awareness, set individual goals, and share accountabilities. 

The sessions take place in my office, and are 1.5 hours long.

What my clients say about working with me

I worked with Ricka to learn how to decrease stress and take care of myself. I was not taking care of myself and felt stressed out, tired, crabby and unhealthy and that carried over into my family life.


Ricka helped me learn techniques to manage my stress at work to get that good feeling back.


Groups I'm currently offering:

Women's Transition Group  

$225; limited to five women, 3 weeks


If you are nearing a big life transition and experiencing hesitation about what comes next, or are further along in your transition and are continuing to feel unsure about finding your way through this new territory, consider joining us.


Every other Friday (ongoing)

Wholehearted Parenting 

$225; limited to five participants, 3 weeks


Parenting is hard work and is supported by skillful open-heartedness for whatever presents itself along the way.  If you are feeling itchy about how you parent or what you are encountering along the way, consider joining us.



Workplace Engagement

I work with leaders and leadership teams to deepen engagement within the workplace. Commonly requested focus areas include personal values definition, identification of personal behavior patterns, and skill building around courageous conversations. 


Lake Calhoun Center

3033 Excelsior Boulevard, Suite 580

Minneapolis, MN 55416

889 Grand Avenue

St. Paul, MN  55105