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I work with leaders and leadership teams to increase personal awareness, deepen engagement within the workplace, resolve conflict within work groups, and build community in and between teams. My gentle, confident approach encourages even the prickliest employees to participate with a modicum of comfort.  

Organizational Coaching 

“As a result of working with Ricka I trust myself now more than I ever have. When I feel "itchy" I have so many more tools to understand why, to get unstuck, and to move forward. I am braver about honoring what I am feeling because Ricka helped me realize that when something ends a door isn't shutting; it is creating the possibility for an infinite number of other doors to open.”


I meet with leadership as well as individual team members to listen for root issues, while determining gaps and opportunities. I then guide the work in a discussion format where all parties have the opportunity and responsibility to learn, increase awareness, speak in a way that allows them to feel heard, as well as learn to listen deeply to each other.

Organizational leadership coaching can support change in areas such as these…

  • Community building between leaders within the same company or industry

  • Increased self awareness for existing leadership

  • Communication skill building

  • Navigation of organizational change

  • Conflict between management and staff

Sessions are confidential and HIPAA protected.  

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