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  • Ricka Robb Kohnstamm

What feels "delicious" to you today?

I heard it again yesterday... "It felt delicious!"

No matter where you are stuck or overwhelmed, how does noticing what feels delicious support your optimal health?

A good friend wrote to check in after spending several days with her new grandchild. "It felt delicious!" she said. And that made me smile because I can feel the deliciousness through the email.

Kissing the soft cheeks of a baby, finding an hour to luxuriate in a nap in the sunshine, looking at my calendar for the day and realizing I am looking forward to every single moment of what is scheduled. Those things feel delicious.

Getting an unexpected text from someone saying "I am thinking of you..."

Sharing a loving moment with a dear friend who is climbing straight up a steep health mountain.

I notice what feels "delicious" to me and I realize that there is a pattern... they happen spontaneously, they involve nature or people I care about, and I notice them in the moment. And a key point is that I only notice them if I am paying attention.

The beautiful cardinal that appears at the most poignant times, reminding me of my mother, who would have said "Hello, darling!" to greet him.

The deeply insightful letter I receive from one of my very favorite clients, sharing why she continues to be pulled towards her small hometown, even though she has outgrown many of the things that used to feel normal to her there.

And the tufted-ear squirrel who stops to consider me as he diligently works his way around my yard, pulling grass to line is his winter nest.

These things feel delicious to me... it is a visceral.

Why does it matter? Because doing hard work in life is only part of the job, the other part is to notice the counter-balance.

I can choose to remember that there is deliciousness all around me for the taking and that it is up to me to notice it.

Noticing what feels delicious is part of optimal health - and turning towards that is a choice, one you can make for yourself.

Hello, I'm Ricka.

Ricka Kohnstamm Executive & Physician Coach Profile Photo

I'm a Nationally Board Certified (NBC-HWC) Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coach. I specialize in working with physician leaders, corporate leaders, non-profit executives and their families to navigate complex work and personal issues so they can strengthen their relationships, heal, and feel hopeful about the future again. 



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