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I am passionate about being a thought partner with physician and executive leaders and their family members, individually and within organizations, to normalize the experience of navigating complex personal and professional issues.

Physicians, Physician Leaders, Physician Moms
Executive Leaders
Individual Family Members

My clients include the below categories, and I work with others, as well.   ​

Individual Coaching 

“I never could have imagined how working with a coach could make such a difference in my life. I progressed more in a few simple coaching sessions with Ricka than I did in years of counseling.”


I partner with you to create positive change in your personal or professional life through increased self-awareness and incremental goal setting. Together, we identify what is keeping you stuck and then explore strength-based approaches to clear the path forward.

Individual coaching can support change in areas such as these…

  • Chronic stress that has turned toxic

  • Conflict identification and resolution

  • Challenging relationships 

  • Burnout

  • Transition to a challenging new leadership position

  • Boundary setting

  • Parenting challenges, including parenting through trauma treatment

  • Overwhelm from vicarious trauma

  • Workplace issues including lack of transparency, trust and accountability

  • Retirement transition planning

Sessions are 1 hour long, confidential and HIPAA protected.  

Individual Coaching

Conflict Resolution / Mediation

Conflict is difficult and it is unavoidable. I work with you and the person you are in conflict with in joint sessions; we work together to listen deeply, gain insight, honor the dignity of both parties, and find ways to repair.  

Conflict Resolution/Mediation can support change in areas such as these…

  • Workplace struggles with a colleague

  • Cycling conflicts with a partner

  • Sibling issues relating to aging parents, asset distribution

  • Conflicts with an adult child

Sessions are 1.5 hours long, confidential and HIPAA protected.

Conflict Resolution Mediation

“You really have a gift of reading and understanding the undercurrents. You bring my attention to things I might feel intuitively, but don’t consider, or that I zoom over. It is important to pay attention, I have learned.”


Restorative Family

Families in conflict often find themselves shutting down and pulling apart, which can feel overwhelming and extremely painful. I work with families who have experienced complex trauma, who are not speaking to one another, who need to make difficult decisions together, or heal before a member of the family dies. I work with families in Circle over 8-12 sessions to strengthen safety, connection, and acceptance within the family system. Working in Circle format provides space to hear and be heard, to see and be seen, and to know and be known by others in the family without risking judgment, denial, deflection or minimization.

Restorative Family Circles can support change in areas such as these…

  • When a family blows up and members refuse to speak to one another

  • Imminent death of a family member and family healing is desired

  • Family business conflicts

  • Family foundation conflicts

Sessions are 1.5 hours long, confidential and HIPAA protected.

Restorative Family Circles

"I felt supported and safe enough to hear those things that I had not been able to hear, to speak with a love I had been too wounded to speak, and that opened up the space for unbelievable repair."


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