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  • Ricka Robb Kohnstamm

What conceals your True Nature?

My True Nature can be concealed by my fear of politicians who make policy decisions guided primarily by self-interest. It can also be concealed by overwhelm and fatigue and a myriad other things.

But when I am present in my True Nature, my mind becomes clear. Swirling thoughts slow down, the anxiety I feel about accomplishing tasks quiets down, and fear about all the "what ifs..." softens.

In their place, a "knowing" seeps in, a remembering that life unfolds and that in the midst of confusion and chaos, beauty - in many forms - is abundant.

Sometimes, when I read the news or mourn my mother, I forget.

And then I remember. It is good to remember. My heart relaxes and softens.

A Hasidic master taught: There are parts of ourselves that have become deadened. When we pray this blessing we should ask ourselves, "What part of myself needs to be awakened? What should I be concerned with, that I have forgotten?"

Hello, I'm Ricka.

Ricka Kohnstamm Executive & Physician Coach Profile Photo

I'm a Nationally Board Certified (NBC-HWC) Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coach. I specialize in working with physician leaders, corporate leaders, non-profit executives and their families to navigate complex work and personal issues so they can strengthen their relationships, heal, and feel hopeful about the future again. 



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