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  • Ricka Robb Kohnstamm

How do you respond authentically when asked this question?

We have all been there... You're having a rough day and a cheery someone bounces up alongside you and says "How are you?"

The easy answer, the one that I always feel is expected from me, is a rousing "I'm great! And you?"

No matter where you are stuck, how does speaking your truth support your optimal health?

Your mind logically calculates your response - "I know I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a place to live, I have food to eat, I have a job, the seasons are changing and I notice the beautiful colors. I shouldn't complain."

And yet...

Your heart may say something quite different.

What you know is that...

You are walking into your job as a counselor in school filled with kids experiencing trauma and today you have to call Child Protection Services for a child who is suffering neglect.

Or, you are paving the way to shift the perception of addiction within a system bogged down in complacency and that today you are meeting with people who view you as a thorn in their sides.

Or, that your partner of 65 years died six months ago and today you are continuing to feel empty and overwhelmed by your new life.

You are fearful of what is coming today and it does not feel "fine". AT ALL.

When that bouncy person, who undoubtedly means well but triggers your own awareness of our society's habitual pattern of "think positive" approaches you, consider using that as a signal to sink down into your truth, and then speak it, with compassion and with courage.

"I'm struggling today - the challenges at my school are overwhelming."

"I'm feeling the weight of trying to turn a huge system and I'm exhausted."

"I'm angry that I still miss my partner so much - I thought I would feel better by now."

Notice and hear the small inner voice that is speaking your truth. Then courageously give it voice.

That feels healthy.

Hello, I'm Ricka.

Ricka Kohnstamm Executive & Physician Coach Profile Photo

I'm a Nationally Board Certified (NBC-HWC) Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coach. I specialize in working with physician leaders, corporate leaders, non-profit executives and their families to navigate complex work and personal issues so they can strengthen their relationships, heal, and feel hopeful about the future again. 



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