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Coaching for Physician Moms

Support for Physician mothers is more critical than ever before. If you're suffering from the overwhelm and stress of balancing your dedication to work as well as home, you don't need go through it alone.

I'm here to help. 

Do you suffer from physician mom burnout?

Thrive as a Physician Leader and a Parent

As a driven physician leader, you may find yourself feeling more comfortable in your own skin at work than you do at home. Challenging dynamics can leave you feeling frustrated with and disconnected from others – and yourself. 


In need of a safe and HIPAA protected setting where you can speak openly to someone outside of the healthcare system? I’m here as a thought partner to help you thrive as all of who you are -  physician, partner, daughter, mom - and adult person.

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The Mental Load of Life as a Physician Mom Isn't Easy

As a physician mom, you balance dedication to your profession with dedication to family life.  Often, that doesn't leave much space for you as a person.  On top of that, you may find yourself facing new and evolving challenges:


  • Chronic stress at work that has turned toxic

  • Conflict identification and resolution

  • Challenging relationships 

  • Workplace issues including lack of transparency, trust and accountability

  • Young children who simply won’t listen

  • Tweens who are seeking independence rather than relationship with you

  • Teens pushing away as they prepare for life away from home

  • Unwanted distance between you and your partner 

  • Parents who expect too much - of you or your children

  • Familial expectations that don’t fit your personal expectations

  • A desire to be “you” at home that doesn’t align with the needs and wants of your family.  

Hello, I'm Ricka -

I'm a Nationally Board Certified (NBC-HWC) Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coach.


I am passionate about helping physician moms (like you!) manage the mental load of complex challenges at work and at home so you can release toxic stress and feel more fulfilled, present and aligned in your professional and personal life. 

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Ricka Kohnstamm


As a mom myself, I understand the never-ending pressure and responsibilities that go into caring for the people you love. I have a combined 25 years of experience professional service industry and strategic consulting expertise with a M.A. in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching. I know personally how the demands of a high pressure career while raising a family can cause you to feel like you can't breathe at times. I'm here to give you the confidential and protected space to feel safe to talk about your most complex challenges in life and then create a plan to help you overcome the weight and stress of holding onto it all. 


What my clients say about working with me

I worked with Ricka to learn how to decrease stress and take care of myself. I was not taking care of myself and felt stressed out, tired, crabby and unhealthy and that carried over into my family life.


Ricka helped me learn techniques to manage my stress at work to get that good feeling back.


Physician Burnout is Real

Without  space to unwind and problem solve, these building tensions can lead to physician mom burnout. 


How can you soften relationships with members of your family who have differing expectations?


How can your strengths support ease in your family? 


What is your role (and what is not) in navigating constant family friction? 


How do you give yourself permission to take regular “me” time? 


What do you do if your efforts aren’t reciprocated by those you love? 


What steps can you take to feel worthy, even when you can’t do it all?


What can you do to be “you” – as a physician and a parent? 

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Integrative Health Coaching for Physician Mothers

As a National Board Certified Health & Wellness coach, I use multiple tools and techniques to support physician moms in navigating relational challenges at work and at home: 

  • Deep listening 

  • Guided self-reflection 

  • Authentic communication 

  • Connection with beliefs and values 

  • Individualized self-care goals

  • Highly-personalized action steps to bring you to your fullest life


I offer targeted, personalized support for moms in medicine. If you find your current relationships at work or at home are  taking a toll on your body, mind, or soul, integrative health coaching offers a space to untangle the mess, reduce the toxic stress, and create a plan to move forward. 

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What to Expect from Coaching for Moms in Medicine

Each hour-long coaching session is private pay only and held in a nonjudgmental and HIPAA protected virtual setting. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs as a physician, as a mom, and as a human being. Together, we will:


  • Identify your values, beliefs, and vision. 

  • Determine areas of misalignment between your current relationships, situations, or behaviors and your core values. 

  • Utilize your strengths and values to develop a solutions-oriented plan to bridge the gap.

"I never could have imagined how working with a coach could make such a difference in my life.


I progressed more in a few simple coaching sessions with Ricka than I did in years of counseling."

- G.D.

Schedule an Introduction Call

If you’re ready to find confidential, caring support as a mom in medicine, select a date and time below to schedule an initial consultation.

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