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Are you navigating complex challenges at work or at home? I provide strength based HIPAA protected coaching for leaders and their family members.


Leaders, Physicians and their Families

You are dedicated to your profession, as well as to your family life. But how about space for you? I can help.

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Organizational Leadership

I help create strong, agile, resilient workplace communities, even in the midst of disruptive changes.

How many of these common toxic stress inducing experiences do you recognize in yourself or family members?

Troubled relationships

at work or at home

High Intensity workplace

with little room for error

Competing Expectations

leaving you feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day

Increased Pressure

from stakeholders, particularly during COVID, to have “all the answers”


(psychological quicksand), perhaps from being required to produce something that is nearly unattainable

Grief and Loss

following the loss of people and things you care deeply about


that what you actually spend most of your day doing is not why you went to school for so many years


at the top

Little or no
"You" Time

after all is said and done

In my confidential, HIPAA protected coaching sessions, I work with you to carve out space to reimagine what you want for yourself, listen deeply for your internal wisdom as a thought partner (even when you have trouble hearing it), and help you create new behavior patterns that lead to feeling healthier and more alive.

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