What has the biggest impact on right relationship with others?        

If everyone came into the world ready to do what you think is right or to speak with you in ways that work, or had the relationship skills to ease your path, you could be in right relationship with almost everyone. Easy! Except, that's not how it works. Others are busy taking care of their own needs and seeing life through their own lens and are not, ultimately, responsible for how comfortable or uncomfortable you are in relationship with them. If being in right relationship with others matters to you, consider this... Being in right relationship with others begins and ends with you being in right relationship with yourself. You can point your finger and say, "It is your fault! You are d

What happens when you encourage colleagues or your children to "get on with it"?       

There are so many feelings to be felt, yet I still hear "just be positive!", as though being positive will erase the discomfort of more challenging feelings. Not sure about you, but dismissing my actual feelings and suggesting I "get on with it" does nothing to relieve discomfort. Susan David, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School psychologist and author of Emotional Agility, writes about the downsides of valuing positivity over everything else. Consider this from a recent LinkedIn post (shared with her permission): Toxic positivity: When people default to bypassing difficult emotions in the service of fake positivity is when "toxic positivity" takes root. In organizations, toxic positivity can

What pulls you back into right now?       

Like me, you may spend an inordinate amount of time in your head. Thinking, strategizing, planning, contemplating, unraveling complex issues. Oh yeah, and worrying. All of that can be good, as far as it goes. And, it is also fatiguing and means you miss out on a lot. A recent Harvard study reports that people spend 47% of their time thinking about what isn't going on and that this mind-wandering typically makes them unhappy. Wait. WHAT? If you have your head down, reworking your plan so that it is ready for your team when they start the week, you may not notice the magical ring around the moon or the pink and orange that is streaking across the sky as the sun rises. If you habitually fi

How does coherence support meaning, no matter what?     

There are a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things going on for many of us right now, so many it could make a person's head spin. Losing a coveted position after a pre-COVID buy-out, a partner's acute medical emergency (on top of demanding project deadlines and COVID), a young adult's deepening depression, exacerbated by physical separation. Broadening your awareness of coherence can support meaning, even in the face of severe hardship. No, it is never a good thing be diagnosed with a serious illness. Experiencing the fatigue, fear, discomfort, and existential loss changes one's life forever. And yet... what might you also gain? Perhaps a lived sense of why being deeply present in the momen



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